Excerpt from Prologue

Imagine looking into the mirror one morning and not recognizing the face that was staring back at you, a face you had grown accustomed to seeing many mornings of the previous 25 years.

Scary, right?

Well, this is where I found myself that particular morning. I remember waking up, looking back at this strange face, and thinking to myself, "Who on earth is this?” On paper, I was a young, professional 25-year-old woman, who had become a registered nurse by the age of 21 and a homeowner by the age of 22. I was independent, living on my own, paying my own bills, and driving my own car. I had a great circle of friends and was growing in my faith at a new church.

So what was wrong with me?

I started experiencing a range of emotions that would come in uninvited at different times of the day for several months. Instead of dealing with them, I had just grown more accustomed to them; even though they were occurring more frequently at that time. I would be sad one minute and then happy in the next few minutes. This particular morning was no different, well except for the fact that I was no longer one with the person in the mirror. Once again, I brushed it off, finished getting ready, and got into my car to head to work. Then, a flood of emotions hit me as the water dam within me finally broke.

I began bawling uncontrollably.

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