Relationship gone wrong (Excerpt from Chapter 6)

I had recently celebrated my 29th birthday a few days before. It was my last year in my 20s. 

A week prior, I had sent the only man I have ever said (or written) the words "I love you" to first a long email professing this love, pouring out my heart to him and apologizing for how our friendship ended. I wanted to be free from any regrets of not having said what was in my heart, even if his response was not receptive; putting it all on the line... again.

Some time had passed since I had distanced myself from him the year before. Out of the blue, I received an unexpected call from him. 

During the call, he began to tell me how sure he was about me now and how he no longer wanted me to be an option, but his top priority. He flat out told me he was now ready to pursue a relationship with me. He also shared some things he had been harboring in his heart against me for the last six months and asked me to forgive him.

I was floored by it all. It was what I wanted to hear... six months before. I told him I needed to take some time to process all of this and asked him if I could get back to him.

Yet, in the back of my mind, I knew we...

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